supported firmware:


step 1. download

wget -O/etc/storage/bin/telecom_fyoung
wget -O/etc/storage/bin/
chmod a+x /etc/storage/bin/telecom_fyoung
chmod a+x /etc/storage/bin/

step 2. setup login info.

edit /etc/storage/bin/ and set the USERNAME and PASSWD value.

step 3. test

run /etc/storage/bin/ -t to see if you can dial up successfully. if every thing OK, you should see something like below:

[fyoung] - 6666888
[fyoung] - login.did(serverId): 6f6e7f35-8888-44fa-6666-234567890123
[fyoung] get_is_login: user is offline now ...
[fyoung] - qrcode: HIWF://02223deb9633338d4b44444aeb888888
[fyoung] - dial_password: 788665

[fyoung] --------------------------------------->
[fyoung]   2018-04-04T12:39:42Z, run: 1 times
[fyoung] - status.brasIp:
[fyoung] - status.wanIp:
[fyoung] - status: online.
[fyoung] --------------------------------------->

step 4. cron setup

then, you can goto http://my.router/Advanced_Services_Content.asp

Scheduler tasks (Crontab) add the cron config:

 */5 * * * * /etc/storage/bin/

this means check the process every 5 minutes.